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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The video!

Come one come all to see the greatest show of them all!!


Ok so i may be over-exaggerating just a tad, but i got you interested didn't i? Well if i didn't then perhaps the knowledge that we stapled Marcus into a shark suit for an hour or 2 will.

Why torture the poor guy so i hear you ask? Well the answer to that friends is simple. Why not?

The writers here at Button wiser take pride in exploring situations and notions that most "normal" people would not even consider, let alone write an entire story about. Naturally we soon got bored however and decided to "up the anti" as it were, hence this post!

The button wiser team valiantly gave up their mothers day lunches to go get hopelessly lost and befuddled by the illogical and impossibly steep streets heading to Balmoral and Chinamans beaches. Luckily Marcus was not only an excellent driver, but was also a brilliant navigator.

We soon found our way to the secluded Chinamans beach and promptly began work to set up the props. I however attacked Marcus with the stapler for whilst i had cleverly constructed several wire frames to help make the shape of Jerry the shark, i had yet to find a way to make the shark suit stay on said frames. The idea of Velcro was tossed around for awhile, but i think staples are more fun don't you?

((We may add another post up on the site after this one with some pictures of the making of Jerry, but i'm not sure if Yuto still has them so don't hold your breath.))

Some finishing touches with a permanent marker to draw on the teeth and eyes and we were all set to go. Khoder and i were tasked in as the couple on the beach, Yuto falling to the role of camera man since Marcus was already trapped in the suit. We took individual takes of each of the scenes described in the script for our video by Khoder in a previous post below. Then we did a complete run through, non stop. However we left the scene of Jerry emerging from the water until last.

As awesome as my stapling skills are, i had doubts about how the suit would hold up in the water. It did better than i had thought though. I actually cheered. Ok, so it was an internal cheer, but still.

Then we all packed up, after answering many a curious question from our fellow beach goers as to why we had stapled some guy between two plastic sheets and colored him in to look like a shark, and went and grabbed lunch. I could go on and explain the interesting adventures the button wiser team had on that exciting part of our outing, but i'm fairly certain you're sick of reading this by now so perhaps some other time?

Yuto spent the rest of that weekend at a computer slaving away at editing the video to look just like it does now. Khoder took up the role of updating the blog with background info for the video, a "making of" if you will. Marcus and i didn't really have anything else to do after that until it came time to writing the report. Overall we feel the work load was fairly split.

But anyways, give the video a look, and, on behalf of the team, i hope you enjoy it.


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